Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Germans in Capetown

Marcel & Mercy

I get a ridiculous amount of questions about the work that I do online, so let me fill you in on the background of the German company that I work for in South Africa.

MMG Internet services was started by my boss Marcel, who came to Cape Town, South Africa to study. Whilst here, he met Mercy with whom he fell in love and together they decided to go to Germany. After three years in Germany, Mercy got homesick and the couple returned to Cape Town to open MMG Internet Services.

MMG Internet Services hires German speaking people from all over South Africa.
Initially the main focus of the company was the German market, but now the company's services have extended to other countries. Currently their biggest project is, which is a couponwebsite in India. Marcel works with Parvati Singh, whom he bought company shares from.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

//270/ Outfit 016

Dress: Haute Hippie Silk-Georgette and Lace Dress
Coat: Burberry Prorsum Hooded Raffia-Trimmed Linen Parka
Shoes: Alexander McQueen Satin T-Bar Sandals
Necklace: Alex Monroe 22-karat Rose Gold-Plated Bumblebee Necklace

//Lately I have been dreaming about a silk-chiffon dress billowing out under a kind-of masculine coat with strappy black stilettos and a simple necklace, something like the above. The small details like a good fit, contrasting materials or just a tiny, interesting pendant on a necklace can make all the difference (well as much difference as an outfit can make anyway).

//Peroxide Blonde
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

//322/ Editorial: Doutzen Perfection

Publication: Elle France
Issue: August 2013
Model: Doutzen Kroes
Photography: Thomas Whiteside

//Sooo, first of all, DOUTZEN, I WANT TO BE YOU. I want to have perfectly shaped eyebrows, the perfect amount of curvature and hair that is the perfect shade of blond.

//Second of all, is this styling perfect or what??? Hey there latex black coat and mid-calf-length skirt and chunky loafers and top-to-bottom 3.1 Phillip Lim including the rubber coat and and and....

Monday, August 12, 2013

//321/ A poor lonesome cowboy, a long way from home.

//Follow this link for a song to set the mood.

//Here I am, a poor lonesome cowboy in Death Valley, Eastern California. But even a poor lonesome cowboy needs some furry friends and these grey critters (Sky and Diego) sure kept me company in this forsaken place. (Sooo, I have decided to revive The Peroxide Blonde and will (try to) keep a style diary. I hope you enjoy it!)